Class 2


Class 2 - Spring 2019


Dear Parents/Carers,

Our topics this term:


Narrative – Traditional stories. Children use role play to re-enact and rehearse a well-known traditional story (The Three Little Pigs) before writing their own version.

Poetry – Really Looking. The class will look at a selection of poems and identify their characteristics before writing a poem themselves.

Non-Fiction – Explanation/non-chronological reports. Where possible, non-chronological reports will be written during other cross-curricular lessons.

Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling (GPS) – This will be taught in-line with Year 2 expectations.


During this term the children will be covering the following units: number and place value, properties of shape, measurement – including money and mass and fractions and statistics.

Religious Education:

This term we will be studying Judaism. The children will be given the opportunities to look at similarities and differences between the Jewish religion and other Christian faiths. We will also be looking at the symbols of Easter.


Our topic during the spring term is Plants and Animals in Our Local Environment. Through this unit, children will also learn to work scientifically.


Children will be taught programming through Scratch. Internet Safety will also be addressed. There will be opportunities to consolidate ICT skills during other subjects, when the class have the use of the laptops.


Our History unit this term is The Great Fire of London. The class will study events that lead up to the fire and through research will understand why it had such a devastating effect on the capital. 

Design and Technology:

In support of our History unit, the children will be recreating a scene from the Great Fire in the form of cross-stitch. This will require designing and planning skills to be used before the work can be completed.


Our geography unit this term is ‘Continents, Countries and Capitals’. It is important that the children understand that the world is made up of vast continents that in some cases, contain many countries. They will begin their learning by researching the countries and capitals of the United Kingdom.

Physical Education:

In our first unit – Dance - the children will be taught the basic rhythms and will be encouraged to create their own dance movements as a group. Indoor Athletics will be taught after half-term.


The children will be taught units taken from the ‘Charanga’ scheme of work. They will be given opportunities to use music in cross curricular lessons where possible. The class also take part in our weekly singing assemblies.

Personal, Social and Health Education:

Following the SEAL scheme of work, children will work through units that cover ‘Say No to Bullying’ and ‘Going for Goals’.


Maths, English and spellings to be set on Friday for completion by the following Wednesday. Other subject areas may be given.

In addition pupils will still be expected to read at home at least three times a week as stated in the home/school agreement.

School trips: This term, Year 2 will be visiting the London Fire Brigade Museum. They will take part in an educational workshop which will be linked to the units being studied in History. Further details to follow.

Drop-Ins: These will be held once every half term. Dates to be made available on future newsletters.


Mrs. D. Bradley/Mrs J. Phillips –Class Teachers

Mrs. J. Carroll – Teaching Assistant