Horndon-on-the-Hill C. of E. Primary School

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Class 2


Year 2 Curriculum Evening

Class 2 - Summer 2017

 Dear Parents/Carers,

 Our topics this term:


We will be looking at the following writing styles: narrative – different stories by the same author; non-fiction – information text and poetry – silly stuff.

Literacy skills will also be taught through other areas of the curriculum.


During this term the children will be covering the following units: number and place value; properties of shape; measurements, including temperature; fractions and statistics.

Religious Education:

This term the children will be given the opportunity to learn about sacred books used in religions across the world. They will use their knowledge and understanding to answer the question, ‘What can we learn from sacred books?’


The unit for science this term is Materials and how they are used. The children will also be given opportunities to work scientifically within small groups.


The children will be extending their skills knowledge through Graphic and Data Handling. This will also give the children the opportunity to work cross-curricular through maths and science.


Class 2 will be using the History unit this term to look at life experienced through the eyes of a Victorian child, including schooling. We will be visiting Leeds Castle in the first half of this term, where the children will take part in a Victorian classroom role play experience.

Art and DT:

The art unit will be used in conjunction with the DT unit – Castles. The children will be constructing their own castles after planning and evaluating their designs.

Physical Education:

PE this term will include outdoor athletics and striking and fielding games.


In Year 2 the children will continue to be taught through the Charanga scheme, where they will be given the opportunity to explore music from different cultures. They also attend hymn practice on a Wednesday to support their singing skills.

Personal, Social and Health Education:

Much of this subject will be delivered through other subjects e.g. assemblies and Religious Education. In addition, the children will also be taught the units on Good to Be Me and Relationships and Changes, taken from the SEAL scheme of work.


As you are aware, year 2 children are expected to complete SATs in this term. These will take place during the last week of May.


Maths, literacy and spellings will continue to be set on a weekly basis, issued on a Friday, to be handed in the following Wednesday.   It is expected that the children will read to parents at least three times a week, as stated in the Home/School agreement. Other subject areas may be given in the form of a short research project.

Children will not be expected to work for any longer than one hour per week on homework. Parents are requested to sign the completed homework confirming that this is the child’s best effort and we welcome any additional comments that may be beneficial.

School trips:

The whole class will be travelling to Leeds Castle for their summer trip. This has been arranged for Tuesday May 8th and final details will be confirmed as soon as possible.

Yours sincerely

Mrs D Bradley – Class teacher

Mrs J Carroll – Class TA