Horndon-on-the-Hill C. of E. Primary School

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Class 2


Class 2 - Autumn 2018


Dear Parents/Carers,

Our topics this term:



Narrative – Stories with familiar settings. Children will recreate their own story based on a familiar story they have learnt in class.

Poetry – Patterns on the page. The class will write their own poems following a pattern.

Non-Fiction –The children will be writing instructions that follow a practical activity that they have completed in another area of the curriculum.

Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling – (GPS) All of the pupils will be taught grammar, punctuation and spelling daily and will receive weekly spelling dictation.


During this term the children will be covering the following units: number and place value, addition and subtraction, shape, measurement, multiplication and division, time and fractions.

Religious Education:

This term we will be discussing ways in which we should care for others and then answering the question ‘Why does it matter?’ The children will also look at the ways in which special times are celebrated, including the Birth of Christ and how this is acknowledged by Christians during Advent and Christmas.


Our unit during the autumn term is Living Things. Through this unit, children will also learn to work scientifically.


Children will be taught Algorithms and how to program the Roamer. There will also be opportunities to consolidate ICT skills during other subjects, when the class have the use of the laptops.


Building on our History unit this term, our art work will feature collages of Queen Elizabeth I. This will require the class to plan their own piece of art work and evaluate the final presentation at the end of the unit.


The class will be learning all about Queen Elizabeth I and the importance she has played in British History. The children will be visiting Hatfield House and will have the opportunity to take part in an interactive workshop, where they will meet the Queen and Sir Walter Rayleigh.

Physical Education:

Invasion games; the children will be taught the basic rules and explore the roles of the players. Gymnastics will be taught after half-term.


Following our new scheme of work for music, Charanga, the class will have the opportunity to compose and perform their own music pieces looking at pulse and rhythm.

Personal, Social and Health Education:

Following the SEAL scheme of work, children will work through units that cover New Beginnings and Getting On and Falling Out.


Maths, English and spellings homework will be set on a Friday, for completion by the following Wednesday. Other subject areas may be given.

n addition, pupils will still be expected to read at home at least three times a week, as stated in the home/school agreement.

School trips: This term the children will be visiting Hatfield House. Further details will follow.

As always, I would like to thank you for your continued support and look forward to meeting you at the Curriculum evening.


Mrs. D. Bradley – Class Teacher

Mrs. C. Carroll – Teaching Assistant