Horndon-on-the-Hill C. of E. Primary School

Respect • Responsibility • Honesty • Courage • Thoughtfulness

Class 3


Year 3, Horndon-on-the-Hill C. Of E. Primary School

Class Teacher: Mr Hales, Learning Assistant: Mrs Phipps.

Dear Parents,

Our theme, this term, will be Food


The children will be writing stories based on short films, play scripts, poems and various non-fictions texts.  To improve their word choices, the children will be encouraged to be like the characters: Moana, Fix-it Felix, Dory, Po and The Incredibles, receiving stickers, at the start of the term, when they are successful.

Guided reading

Each week, the children will read to an adult and have a set of tasks to complete.  They can change their library week over the course of the week and they will continue to have access to e-books via the Reading Cloud.


This term, we will be covering units named: Number and Place Value, Addition and Subtraction, Multiplication and Subtraction, Fractions, Measurements, Properties of Shape and Statistics.


The children will learning about plants, finding out about: the different parts of a plant, what different plants need to survive, how water is transported within plants and the life cycle of flowering plants.  As well as that, we will be learning about nutrition, finding out about: the importance of exercise, that we need to eat the right amount of food, that some animals only eat plants while others eat meat and how water and nutrients are transported around animals.


The children will be taught the unit Investigating our Local Area.


The pupils will be exploring why people pray, learning about different religious attitudes to prayer.  Also, they learn about the Bible, exploring important questions and how it is used and valued by Christian communities today.


The children will be swimming each Friday morning with another P.E. session on a Thursday morning.  The children will be doing athletics and invasion games.  Children must not wear earrings and must have their hair tied back if it is long.


The children will learn to: identify members of their family, the alphabet, household items and using basic prepositions.  Moreover, they will be asking for various snacks, giving opinions about food, numbers and months of the year.

Design and Technology

Children will learn basic food preparation techniques and ways of combining components to create simple food products for a particular purpose.  They will develop their designing skills by using their own experiences and evaluating existing products to develop their ideas.  


The children will investigate how paintings, prints, photographs and other images that include figures communicate ideas about relationships.  They use composition skills to make a double portrait that conveys ideas about themselves and their relationship with another person in their lives.


The children will exploring the structure and pitch in music. 


We will be using photo manipulation and data handling software and learning how to create repeating patterns.  We will also continue to learn about Internet safety.  


Homework is set on a Friday and is due the following Wednesday.  Please read at home regularly with your child at least three times a week.