Horndon-on-the-Hill C. of E. Primary School

Respect • Responsibility • Honesty • Courage • Thoughtfulness

Class 4


Horndon – on – the – Hill C of E Primary School
Autumn Term 2017 – Year 4

Dear Parents/Carers,
Welcome back to the new school year. The children have settled back into Year 4 and brilliantly and are looking forward to the year ahead. I am writing to you with what we will be learning this term.
This term the children will be taught key skills through a range of text types, including:
• Fiction: Adventure stories and Historical settings Non-fiction: Newspaper reports
• Poetry
The children will be learning the features of the texts and using these in their own writing.
Guided Group Reading:
Each week, the children will read to an adult. When they are not reading with the teacher, they will have tasks to complete based on what they have read. The texts will cover a range of genres. They can change their library week over the course of the week and they will continue to have access to e-books via the Reading Cloud.
The first unit of work for this term will be Number and Place Value followed by; Addition and Subtraction, Properties of Shapes, Multiplication and Division, Fractions, Position and Direction, Decimals and Measurement (mass and time).
Religious Education:
In RE we shall be exploring the question ‘What does it mean to be a Hindu in Britain today?’ We shall be looking at different aspects of Hinduism and looking for similarities and differences to Christianity.
States of matter
During the first half term we will be comparing and grouping materials together based upon there states, observing materials that change state when they are heated or cooled and identifying the role of evaporation and condensation in the water cycle.
Living things and their habitats
The second half term the children will use classification keys to group, name and identify living things, as well as studying habitats and how environmental changes can affect them.
The children will be working on their listening and appraising skills, when listening to different songs. They will be learning about the dimensions of music and begin to compose and perform.
The children will be improving their word processing and presentation skills. They will create algorithms, code their own programs and continue to learn about E-Safety.
Design and Technology:
This term children will be making Roman sandals. They will be looking at the purpose of sandals, becoming designers focusing on selecting the best tools and materials for the task and finally evaluating their work at the end of the unit.
The children will be looking at Roman mosaics to understand what they tell us and why we have them and then use this information to create their own.
This term we are going to be focusing on the Roman Empire. We will be looking at why and how they invaded, everyday life after they had settled and important Roman figures and inventions.
Our Geography will be focussing on map skills and looking at where on the earth things are. We shall be learning about lines of longitude and latitude and practise identifying these.
Physical Education:
Our PE sessions are on a Monday and Thursday. The children will be doing athletics and
invasion games. Children must not wear earrings and must have their hair tied back if it is long.
Personal, Social and Health Education:
In PSHE we will look at looking at getting on and falling out. Learning to recognise signs of different emotions, understanding how to resolve friendships issues and importance of working together.
Children will receive their homework on a Friday and it is to be handed in by the following
Wednesday. Homework will include spellings with a task, maths and handwriting.
It is expected that every child reads to an adult at least a minimum of 3 times a week. However it is most ideal that you hear your child read every night. Adults should indicate and record that they have heard the child read and a brief comment should be made. Reading records will be checked once a week to ensure that this is happening.
Many Thanks,
Teacher: Miss Wilkins
Teaching Assistant: Mrs Speight