Class 4


Spring Term 2019

Dear Parents/Carers,

 I hope you all had a restful and relaxing Christmas holiday and are looking forward to the New Year. Here is the overview of Year 4’s learning for the Spring term.


This term the children will be taught their spelling, grammar, punctuation, reading and writing through a range of text types, which will include:

  • Fiction: Myths and legends
  • Non-fiction – Persuasive advertising
  • Poetry – Narrative poetry

They will learn the features of the texts and then apply them to their own writing.


As well as revisiting their previously gained times table and number knowledge, we will be focussing on; methods for multiplication and division, measurement of distance and area, fractions and decimals. Within all of these areas, there will be elements of problem solving and opportunities for deeper thinking.

Religious Education

The basis of our RE work this term will be around two main questions: ‘What can we learn from religions about deciding what is right and wrong?’ and ‘Why is Jesus inspiring to some people?’

As part of these questions, we will be exploring Christian beliefs alongside the other religions followed by people in the local community.


This term the children will be investigating two topics; sound and electricity.

They will learn how sound is made and carry out experiments related to their knowledge.

For electricity, they will investigate its uses in the household, create simple circuits and experiment with insulators and conductors.


We will be continuing to listen and appraise music and compare different genres of music. In addition, we will compose music using tuned percussion instruments and begin to use basic notation.


We will continue to develop our coding skills using ‘Scratch.’ Alongside this, we will continue to develop our understanding of how to keep safe while using the internet and improve our digital literacy.

Art and DT

We will plan, design, create and evaluate a Roman shield and jewellery based on our learning in History.


For the first half of this term we will be continuing to study the Roman civilisation. During the second half of the term we will begin to learn about the Ancient Egyptians.


The focus of our Geography work will be the weather. We will be comparing climates around the world, developing our map skills and learning ways to measure the weather.

Physical Education

As part of their PE lessons, the children will be doing activities related to dance and indoor athletics.

Personal, Social and Health Education

In PSHE, we will be exploring the concepts of betrayal and forgiveness and trying to understand the importance of setting goals and how we can reach them.


Homework will continue to be issued on a Friday to be returned by the following Wednesday. It will include an English and Maths related task, as well as spellings to learn and regular practise of the times table facts.


It is expected that every child reads to an adult at least three times a week, ideally every night. In the reading record, adults should indicate and record that they have heard the child read and make a brief comment. These records will be checked once a week to ensure that this is happening.

I hope this information has been useful to you and I am looking forward to another successful term with your children.

Thank you for your continued support.


Mrs Delaney

Mrs Fay

Mrs Speight