Horndon-on-the-Hill C. of E. Primary School

Respect • Responsibility • Honesty • Courage • Thoughtfulness

Class 5

Horndon –on–the–Hill C. Of E. Primary School

Dear Parents/Carers,

As we enter the final term of Year 5, I am once again writing to you with the areas of learning we aim to cover over the summer.

TRIPS- 11th May- Warner Brothers Studio. 7th June- Stubber’s outdoor and adventurous day.


In this term, we will study Ancient Greek culture: Greek life, their achievements and their influence on the western world.

A small project will be set as many of the children have expressed an interest to complete research outside of school also.

Each week, the children will be free to research any part of Ancient Greek life that interests them. This research can be presented in different ways each week. As an example, they could write a diary, newspaper, quiz or they could present their work through Art. Anyway they wish to show their findings each week is fine but it would be great if they tried a different way each time.

Their weekly projects will be shared on a Monday each week.

Literacy: In reading, grammar and writing we will continue to cover a range of genres.

Non-fiction: newspaper reports, persuasive writing and debates.

Fiction: plays, poetry, stories- alternative traditional stories, Myths and Legends and texts from our literary heritage.

Numeracy: Number- place value, +, -, ÷, x. Decimals and fractions including %.


Measurement- volume and capacity.

Geometry- position, direction and property of shape.


Solving problems involving all of the above skills.

Science: Through our scientific studies, we will conclude our topic on living things and their habitats and the life cycles of plants and animals. We will also study Earth and Space.

Planning scientific investigations will continue to be taught throughout each unit. This includes planning for fair tests and reliability, making observations, recording measurements and comparing results so that we can draw conclusions about our discoveries.


Our computing skills will continue to be developed across many subjects however, our main areas of learning will be spreadsheets, extending our coding skills and animation.


Athletics- running, jumping for distance and height, throwing.

Striking and fielding games.

Our sessions are on a Tuesday and Wednesday.

(Please make sure kits are in school every day as P.E days can occasionally change. All jewellery must be removed for P.E sessions.)

Music: The children will continue to have clarinet lessons throughout the term.  Many of you attended the spring concert and saw how well they have developed their skills; there will be a final concert in the summer term. The date of this concert will be on the newsletter and a letter sent out as soon as it has been confirmed with Thurrock Music Services.

PSHE/RE:  Alongside our focus on the core values and code of conduct we will be concentrating on;

The Easter story and we will visit the church for our annual service.

We will also study what it means to be a Muslim in Britain today.


Understanding everyday life in another country and discovering geographical features of France.


Use of grid references, understanding latitude /longitude, equator, hemisphere and tropics and naming and locating countries across the world using maps and atlases.


Sculpture linked to Science work. We hope to enter a sculpture in the ‘Thurrock Art Trail’ and you should be able to view the final piece at the Essex Wildlife Trust Walk in Stanford-le-Hope during their summer trail.

 ‘Homework Schedule’ 

Below is a schedule of days homework is due into school, which you will also find on the inside front cover of your child’s homework book.

Monday – Ancient Greek research.

Tuesday – Times table challenge. (We will revisit times tables throughout the year, each week there will be a times table to learn and revise and a weekly challenge is completed, the children are asked to recall them in a random order and they will need to apply their multiplication knowledge to challenging questions like (9.6 x2, 30 x 6, 55 x 8 and 0.8 x 9.)

Wednesday – Reading records checked. (Minimum of 3 reads to an adult each week. Even if your child is a fluent and expressive reader, it is important to ask questions and discuss the texts they read in detail. Questions can be found in the front of reading records.)

Thursday     – Maths homework- an activity linked to the week’s learning to consolidate or extend their understanding.

Friday   - Spelling homework and dictation day. A new spelling pattern and activity will be given. (Spelling homework activities will range from sentences, definitions, stories, word searches, crosswords, anagrams etc.) The spelling list can be extended by investigating other words that you can find with the same spelling pattern. The children also have lists of words they must practise throughout the year to meet new curriculum expectations.

I thank you in advance for your support.

Best wishes

Ms. Voss

Class 5 teacher- Ms Voss.                         T.A- Mrs Heapy