Class 6


 Horndon –on–the–Hill C. Of E. Primary School

Teacher- Ms Voss

L.S.A- Mrs Mansfield

Dear Parents/Carers,

Happy New Year to you all! I hope you all had a peaceful break and are refreshed for the new term.

During the spring, Year 6 will be continuing with their history theme and will also complete a geography project.


WORLD WAR II- the experiences of children in WWII and life as an evacuee. Everyday life during this time- rationing, work, The Blitz etc. The life of various individuals’ like- soldiers, nurses and including Anne Frank.


Study a region of the Americas: St Lucia, Earthquakes and Volcanoes

Locate world’s countries- focus on Europe linked to WWII. Locate continents and countries.

Use maps atlases and globes. Name and locate counties and cities of UK.

Use the 8 points of a compass. 4 and 6 figure grid references.


Fiction – imagery in poetry, story writing

Non-fiction –Persuasive writing: Travel Reports; Non-chronological reports – earthquakes / volcanoes.


Counting, partitioning and calculating

Securing number facts and relationships

Measuring and understanding shape

 Data handling

Solve problems with ratio and proportion.

Solving problems involving all of the above skills.


Planning scientific investigations will continue to be a focus this term. This will include planning for fair tests and reliability. Making observations, recording measurements and comparing results so that we can draw conclusions about our discoveries.

Focusing on- Evolution & Inheritance Classifying Plants & Animals & Micro-organisms


Our computing skills are developed across many subjects, our main areas of learning will be coding, how the internet works, internet safety and programming.


Indoor athletics, gymnastics and dance.

 (Please make sure kits are in school every day as P.E days can occasionally change. All jewellery must be removed for P.E sessions)


Clarinet lessons- parent clarinet concert (performance, reading and composing music).


Art and architecture in religious buildings. Charity and generosity.

Good to be me. Going for goals.


The weather and shopping


Studying famous artists.

Homework Schedule’ 

Below is a schedule of the days homework is due into school, which you will also find on the inside front cover of your child’s homework book. For each piece of homework, a week is given to complete it- this allows you all to arrange your homework schedule around your busy lives away from school. To support with S.A.T.s preparation, the children have also been provided with revision guides and activities. If you have been unable to attend any of the meetings in the autumn term, your books are available for collection in the school office.  

Monday – Earthquake and Volcano project. Researching about this topic each week at home and producing a piece of work in a different way each week.

Tuesday – Times tables; these should be practised each week including completing a multiplication speed challenge table each week.

Wednesday – Reading records checked. (Minimum of 3 reads to an adult each week. Even if your child is a fluent and expressive reader, it is vital to ask questions and discuss the texts they read in detail.) The reading SATs Comprehension book is an ideal way to complete this homework too.

Thursday     – Maths homework- an activity linked to that weeks’ learning that will consolidate or extend their understanding.

Friday   - Spelling homework and dictation day. A new spelling pattern and activity will be given. (Spelling homework activities will range from sentences, definitions, stories, word searches, crosswords, anagrams etc.) The spelling list can also be extended at home by investigating other words that you can find with the same spelling pattern.

**S.A.Ts revision books to be completed for reading, grammar, spelling and all areas of maths.**


I thank you in advance for your support.

Best wishes     

Ms. Voss