Horndon-on-the-Hill C. of E. Primary School

Respect • Responsibility • Honesty • Courage • Thoughtfulness



Reception Curriculum Evening

Dear Parents and Carers,

This term our topic will be ‘Growing - Animals and Plants’’. We will be exploring all different types of animals and plants; looking at how to grow them, care for them and the life cycles.

Within the prime areas of learning (Communication and Language, Physical Development and Personal, Social and Emotional Development) we shall be focusing on extend our vocabulary so we can explain our ideas, developing our coordination and continuing to build our friendships and resolving our conflicts.


In Literacy we will be reading a variety of texts including non-fiction, poetry and fiction. We aim to use the texts we read to create our own versions, using and building upon our phonic knowledge.

This terms focus is non-fiction: instructions


Maths this term will build upon our current number skills and move forward to addition, subtraction and problem solving. Within shape, space and measures we shall continue to build on the children's shape knowledge, everyday language relating to time and money.

Understanding the World:

Using our topic as a link we shall continue to explore the world around us, foucing on animals and plants.

Expressive arts and design:

We shall be using a range of different materials and techniques to create pictures relating to animals. Over the term we shall be building an aquarium.

The children will continue to access the home corner to show their understanding of everyday life and family customs and routines.


During RE we will be looking at the places and times that are special to us and listening to stories.


Our focus for this term will be outdoor athletics, we shall continue to develop; running, jumping and throwing.


Children are expected to complete their phonics homework at least once a week and read at least three times a week. Additionally your child may receive math homework to help consolidate the learning we are doing in class.


Thank you in advance for your support,

Miss Castle