Safer Internet Day 2015


Every class took part in Safer Internet Day 2015. We watched the PowerPoint below during assemby.


Reception listened to the The Adventures of Smartie the Penguin, who was given a new laptop for his birthday, and learnt how to be safe online.The story can be found here. There are also some fun activities to do at home.


Class 1 watched a video about keeping your personal information private. The video can be found here.  They created posters to help others stay safe online.


Class 2 watched a cartoon called Lee and Kim Adventures.  They learnt that it is important to keep personal information private and that you shouldn't talk to stranbers online.  The cartoon can be found here.


 Class 3 learnt how to stay safe with The Adventures of Kara, Winston and the Smart Crew.  They made pledges and created posters to help others stay safe online.


Class 4 learnt about Internet safety and played an Internet safety game called The Wild Web Woods.


Class 5 learnt about staying safe on the Internet and played games on Cyber Cafe.


Class 6 looked at the problem of cyberbullying and watched Let's Fight it Together.  Please note that this video is not suitable for younger children.