From September 2020


Head of School 

Designated Safeguarding Lead

Deputy Safeguarding Leads

Senior Leader and SEND and More Able Coordinator


Mrs D Bradley                                           

Mrs D Bradley

Ms K Voss & Mrs G Bray

Mrs G Bray                             

Senior Leader and Class 4 Teacher
Ms K Voss
Class 6 Teacher Mrs J Matthews
Class 6 LSA Mrs E Phillips
Class 5 Teacher Mrs J Delaney
Class 5 LSA Mrs J Heapy 
Class 3 Teacher
Miss N Davis
Class 3 LSA Mrs J Carroll
Class 2 Teacher

Mr A Hales

Class 2 LSA

Mrs S Jones

Class 1 Teacher
Mrs J Phillips and Mrs J Ramsey
Class 1 LSA Mrs M Mansfield
Reception Teacher Mrs K Kitchener
Reception LSA Mrs R Burnett
Nursery Teacher Mrs J Ramsey
Nursery LSA Mrs G Hammond
Nursery LSA Mrs S Eldridge
Nursery LSA Mrs L Fether
Nursery LSA Mrs R Bowers
HLTA (Computing) Mrs L Sheppard
HLTA Mrs T Knock
Midday Assistant
Mrs E Phillips
Midday Assistant Mrs S Jones
Midday Assistant Mrs J Heapy
Midday Assistant Mrs M Mansfield
Midday Assistant Mrs A Collier
Midday Assistant Mrs J Bashforth
Midday Assistant Mrs J Bettis
Midday Assistant Mrs J Davis
Support Officer Mrs S Legg
Admin Assistant Mrs Y Speight
Site Manager  
Mr S Blackmore