Class 1

Year 1 Autumn Curriculum Letter.

Class Teacher: Mr Hales, Learning Assistant: Mrs Jones.


Dear Parents,

For the Autumn term, our topics will be The Enchanted Woodland and Moon Zoom!


The children will be writing stories, reports and poems.  There will be a daily phonics and handwriting session. 

Guided reading

Each week, the children will read to an adult and have a set of tasks to complete.  They can change their reading books in the morning, during guided reading or at the end of the day.  Each child will also have the opportunity to borrow a library book.


This term we will be developing their understanding of place value, addition, subtraction and shapes.


In science, the children will be learning about plants and animals and materials.


The children will be using natural resources and making models of the solar system.


The children will be adding text and pictures, coding and learning how to use the internet safely.

Design and technology

The children will be making structures and space themed vehicles.


The children will be making maps and using satellite images.


We will be learning about significant individuals and changes within living memory.


The children will be making spaced themed songs.


The children will be learning what it means to belong in a faith community and about important how and why we celebrate special and sacred times.  The children will be visiting the church.


The children will be learning to feel positive, look after the environment and set goals.


The children will be developing skills associated with games and gymnastics.  Children must not wear earrings and must have their hair tied back if it is long.  They must always have plimsolls in their P.E. bags.


Homework is set on a Thursday and is due the following Tuesday.  It will include an English and Maths activity, as well as words to learn for our spelling assessments, which the children do every Monday.  Please read at home regularly with your child at least three times a week.


A mobile planetarium will be visiting Horndon later in the term.