Class 2


Dear Parents, 

For the Autumn term, our topics will be Beachercombers and Towers, Tunnels and Turrets. 


The children will be writing stories, postcards, labels and captions and recounts.  Handwriting lessons and practice will occur three times per week. 

 Guided reading 

Each week, the children will read to an adult and have a set of tasks to complete.  They can change their reading books in the morning, during guided reading or at the end of the day.  Each child will also have the opportunity to borrow a library book and have access to e-books. Some of the texts are read in small groups and others are shared as a wohle cass. 


This term we will be developing their understanding of place value, partitioning and number facts, addition, subtraction and measurement. 


In science, the children will be learning about living thngs and their habitats as well as techniques required to work scientifically.  


The children will be using natural materials to make sculptures 


The children will be learning word processing skills, multimedia, coding and how to use the internet safely. 

Design and technology 

The children will be making finger puppets with a beach theme. 


The children will be looking at coastal features and learning the difference between human and physical features. They will also be locating the counties and capital cities of the UK. 


We will be learning about castles and significant people in history who may have lived in them. 


The children will developing skills required to sing as part of a group, some of the technical language used in music and create their own beach themed songs. 


The children will be learning How should we care for the world and others and why does it matter and how and why do we celebrate special and sacred times. 


The children will be learning how to deal with dilemmas, being different and how look after the environment. 


The children will be developing skills associated with games and gymnastics.  Children must not wear earrings and must have their hair tied back if it is long.  They must always have plimsolls in their P.E. bags. 


Homework is set on a Thursday and is due the following Tuesday.  It will include an English and Maths activity, as well as words to learn for our spelling assessments, which the children do every Thursday.  Please read at home regularly with your child at least three times a week.