Class 2


Dear parents,

For our summer term our topics will be Bounce and the Scented garden. These are topics taken from our new Cornerstones scheme of work that we are introducing.


This term the children will be reading and writing instructions, poems and traditional tales.

Guided reading:

The children will read as part of a group once a week and also will have specific tasks set for them. Sometimes the tasks will be linked to our whole class reading book.


This term we will be practicing arithmetic skills in preparation for our SATs tests allowing the children to solve a range of problems and to select the best method to do this. We will be covering the units involving reading scales, fractions, time and continuing to solve addition and subtraction problems.

Religious Education:

This term we will be studying sacred books; looking at what makes them special and comparing Holy books from different religions.


This term we will be looking at materials, growing plants and working Scientifically.


The children will be investigating Google Earth and programming a robot. They will continue to learn how to stay safe on the Internet.

Design technology:

This term we will be practicing techniques required to press flowers and creating our own collages using them.


This term children will be continuing with their work about the Great Fire of London and researching sporting heroes throughout history.



Children will be singing as part of a group and creating their own rhymes and chants using percussion instruments to accompany them.


This term the children will be taking part in outdoor athletic activities and striking and fielding games.