Class 5

Class 5- Summer Term 2019

Dear Parents/Carers,

I cannot believe how quickly the last two terms have gone and that we are now in our final term of year 5. It is good to see how the children continue to work extremely hard,  engaging with their learning with both enthusiasm and commitment. 

This letter outlines the areas of learning that we aim to cover this term.


In English this term we will be looking at our literary heritage,  including William Shakespeare and famous poets and poems.  We will be learning the skills of writing to entertain and inform. Additionally we will be writing reviews.  We will continue to read  Who Let The Gods Out and then Tom’s Midnight Garden.

We will also continue  focusing on the key skills of Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling;these will be incorporated within our English Lessons.


In Maths we will be securing understanding of decimals and percentages. We will be studying geometry and the properties of shape,  position and direction. We will also be studying the skills involved with measurement,  conversion and volume.  We will continue our daily focus on skills of mental arithmetic. Throughout these lessons the  children will be using and applying their mathematical thinking to reasoning and problem solving activities.


In Science there will be a focus on biology- living things, habitats and life cycles. The second unit studied wil be a physics focus on forces.  The children will make observations, carry out investigations,  record measurements and draw appropriate conclusions.


This will continue to be taught by Mrs Sheppard. The children will be learning about spreadsheets, control, coding and Internet Safety.

Religious Education

This term we will be learning about, ‘ What does it mean to be a Muslim in Britain.’

Physical Education

We will be focusing on Athletics this term, both track and field events. The children will be learning the skills associated with running, throwing and jumping . Please ensure PE Kits are always in school.


Our study of a Modern Foreign Language is French and is taught using the Rigolo scheme, providing the children with a basic knowledge.


This term children continue learning how to play the clarinet. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn an instrument provided by Thurrock Music Services.


In Geography this term the children will be looking at grid references and map reading skills.

Cornerstones Curriculum

This term we will be trialling a new approach to some of the foundation subjects where key skills are combined through a project type approach. The two different titles we will be exploring are Time Traveller and Scream Machine.


Each week the children will be given Maths and English homework on a Friday for completion by the following Thursday. Spellings will go out on a Wednesday to be tested on the following Wednesday. Pupils are expected to read at home at least 3 times a week, as stated in the home/school agreement. Please ensure your child continues to do so. As they are now in upper school they are able to write in their reading records themselves, but, will need an adult signature also.

Thank you.


Mrs J Matthews  (Class 5 Teacher) and Mrs Phillips (Learning Support Assistant)