Class 6


Class 6- Autumn Term 2019

Dear Parents/Carers,

Welcome to year 6 and the new school year. This letter outlines the areas of learning that we aim to cover this term.

We are using a new approach focusing on a different topic each half term and will incorporate our key skills through this approach.

We will continue to have a maths and English lesson each day to ensure that all children are prepared for their end of Key Stage 2 tests and beyond.


In English we will be focusing on the following skills:

Writing- planning, drafting, evaluating and editing.

Speaking & Listening

SPAG- Spelling, punctuation, grammar and spelling

We will cover a wide range of genres across KS2 curriculum, matching to our topics wherever possible.



During this term the children will be focusing on securing their understanding of number and place value, including numbers up to 10 million. We will be securing the 4 operations (multiplication, addition, subtraction and division.) We then move on to fractions, then geometry including position and direction.

Foundation Subjects

Our first topic is  ‘A Child’s War’- focussing on World War 2 and how this impacted on children’s lives.

The second half of the Autumn Term our topic is ‘Tomorrow's World’- with a communication and technology focus.

We will aim to include History, Geography, Computing, PSHE, Art and Design & Technology within these topics as much as possible.


Through our scientific studies we will be concentrating on ‘how we see things and changing circuits’ whilst developing scientific skills of: enquiry, planning and carrying out investigations. We will make observations, record measurements and draw appropriate conclusions.

Religious Education

This term we will be asking two ‘Big Questions’: “Is it better to express your religion in arts and

architecture or in charity and generosity?”  and “What difference does it make to believe in Ahimsa, Grace and or Ummah?”