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The Coder

The Coder

Advanced Coder (Advanced Coder) on: The Coder

Hi my name is Advanced Coder and I like coding my favourite programme is Python because there is so much to do and you have lots of control . I also use Linux (A more programmable version of Windows) which I have on a USB . I also use a custom coded VPN (Virtual Private Network) This is my first blog and I hope you guys enjoyed it!

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Gaming with Bolt Toxic :)

Gaming With Bolt Toxic

Bolt Toxic (Bolt Toxic) on: Gaming with Bolt Toxic :)

I have had my PS4 for at least 3 years and I have enjoyed having it. Games: Brawlhalla , Minecraft. If you have a chance to get one I would recommend it! I am in Bolt Clan and we are very kind ⚡⚡⚡.

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The Potterhead

The Potterhead

The Potterhead (The Potterhead) on: The Potterhead

Hello my name is The Potterhead and i really, really love art.

I have countless pieces of artwork that i have drew myself and one of them is a charcoal rhino, that one is my favourite, and it is going to sell in my local art gallery to sell for £40 to £50. I am going to sell it in January. Last night i painted my kitchen in water colour and it is very small (A6). I love to draw in 2B and HB to sketch, what do you like to sketch in?

Ps: if you love art go check out Bianca Hunter,s blog

2B and HB is a type of pencil

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Millie and Junior My two dogs

Millie and Junior My two dogs

Tommy Watson (Tommy Watson) on: Millie and Junior My two dogs

Hi my name is Tommy Watson and my blog is all about my dogs Millie and Junior they are both German Shepherds. Millie was originally My great aunt`s but she sadly passed away. Junior has been with me for years before I was born. Millie is much bigger and aggressive. Junior is a lot more calm and is very friendly. Millie is very very expensive not because of her eating a lot, but the huge amount of footballs she destroys Millie loves to play fetch and hates being inside for ages 

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gaming with bolt iinsane

Gaming with bolt iinsane

Bolt iinsane (Bolt iinsane) on: gaming with bolt iinsane

Hi my name is bolt iinsane and I like gaming because it’s something to do when you’re bored. I also have   many games:                                                                 
Minecraft Brawlhalla we are in a clan called bolt we         really want more members so come join bolt .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

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Joe Watson (Joe Watson) on:

Hi, my name is Joe Watson.My blog is about PICKLES.I like pickles because:1.they are yummy,2.they are juicy,3.they are green and 4.they are bumpy.When you take a bite it will blow your mind although it doesn't look appetising. If anyone has ever told you that pickles are disgusting than they are not telling the truth because I recommend you to try one.Thanks for reading my blog.

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Footy Blog

Footy Blog

KSIR (KSI1) on: Footy Blog

Hello, My name is ksi and I am going to rank 5 premier league teams, And just because I support united I wont put them at the top and remember, This is my own opinion.

Number 1 liverpool

Number 2 Man City

Number 3 Arsenal

Number 4 Man United

Number 5 tottnham

Now i will talk about Man United's bad season

I think Man United had a bad season mainly because of David de gea, When he got goalkeeper of the year and to now yo could he is way worse but it could be becauseour defense is worse.

My least favourite is not in premier league but i hate Barcelona becaus of the people that play in the team such as Messi because i like Cristiano Ronaldo.

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Elder savior

Magical items with Harrold Corker

Harrold Corker (Harrold Corker) on: Elder savior

Now we are going to list magical items: time turners, wands, secrecy sensors, Foge glasses, sneco scopes, broom sticks, blugers, quaffles, sniches, port keys, cauldrons and The monster book of monsters.Keep up! Next time will be professor names!

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Technology and food.

Technology and food.

Jennifer Hoppus (Jennifer Hoppus) on: Technology and food.

Technology is world wide.over 880 million people use it.People can adventure their abilities online in apps. Obviously you need a device to use technology and i have an IPhone, their are other devices as well like: watches, computers, tablet, IPads and kindles.

I like food, everyone needs it, it is essential! Different people like different foods. I like chicken pie, mince beef with dumplings, pizza, junk food and more.I like trying different things, most of the time I like it and sometimes I don't.

Sweet and savory, they can go well together and sometimes they do not.

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My Dog

My Dog.

Ava Rose (Ava Rose) on: My Dog

My dog is a black labrodor. He has lots of energy and loves chasing a ball.He loves playing games with you.Hugs are his favourite he loves them.He is always a good boy and gets lots of treats.He is so fast he would win in a race.   

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Fashion, Music and Make up

Fashion, Music and Make Up

Olive 2.0xx (Olive2.0xx) on: Fashion, Music and Make up

Welcome to FMM [fashion, music and make up] with me Olive. Here is a safe place so NO HATE. I love Singing, Music, Fashion and Make-Up

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Olive 2.0xx (Olive2.0xx) on: Fashion, Music and Make up

Amazing you really are a fashion Queen 

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Anything and Everything

Anything and Everything

Anything and Everything (Anything and Everything) on: Anything and Everything

Are you ready to hear about anything and everything? Well if so, let’s get started. I will introduce myself, I am a girl and my hobby is origami. I also do: swimming, gym, dance and netball.


Today I am going to talk about origami. I have recently made some Christmas decorations. It is very calming and will make you relax when you are stressed. Origami takes time and you need to have patience.

It is very fun to do when you are bored and will keep you entertained for hours.

For tutorials you can go on to YouTube and search how to make origami step by step. Then just follow the instructions and you will be able to make wondrous things. 

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