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Posted: Dec 17, 2019 by: Advanced Coder (Advanced Coder) on: The Coder

Hi my name is Advanced Coder and I like coding my favourite programme is Python because there is so much to do and you have lots of control . I also use Linux (A more programmable version of Windows) which I have on a USB . I also use a custom coded VPN (Virtual Private Network) This is my first blog and I hope you guys enjoyed it!


Bolt i. Dec 17, 2019

code for life

Princess . Dec 17, 2019

This is good

Princess . Dec 17, 2019

This is good

Anime W. Dec 17, 2019

love it

Anything and E. Dec 17, 2019

this is so cool

Bianca H. Dec 17, 2019

Really understanding and helpful i love it lel

Advanced C. Dec 17, 2019

I think it is very good!