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The Potterhead

Posted: Dec 17, 2019 by: The Potterhead (The Potterhead) on: The Potterhead

Hello my name is The Potterhead and i really, really love art.

I have countless pieces of artwork that i have drew myself and one of them is a charcoal rhino, that one is my favourite, and it is going to sell in my local art gallery to sell for £40 to £50. I am going to sell it in January. Last night i painted my kitchen in water colour and it is very small (A6). I love to draw in 2B and HB to sketch, what do you like to sketch in?

Ps: if you love art go check out Bianca Hunter,s blog

2B and HB is a type of pencil


Bolt T. Dec 17, 2019

You sure good at art

Anything and E. Dec 17, 2019

very good