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Posted: Dec 17, 2019 by: KSIR (KSI1) on: Footy Blog

Hello, My name is ksi and I am going to rank 5 premier league teams, And just because I support united I wont put them at the top and remember, This is my own opinion.

Number 1 liverpool

Number 2 Man City

Number 3 Arsenal

Number 4 Man United

Number 5 tottnham

Now i will talk about Man United's bad season

I think Man United had a bad season mainly because of David de gea, When he got goalkeeper of the year and to now yo could he is way worse but it could be becauseour defense is worse.

My least favourite is not in premier league but i hate Barcelona becaus of the people that play in the team such as Messi because i like Cristiano Ronaldo.


Anything and E. Dec 17, 2019

this is amazing

KSIR . Dec 17, 2019