The Teaching of Reading


The scheme of work used to support the teaching of phonics is Collins, "Big Cat Song of Sounds".  This is a hands-on, systematic, synthetic phonics programme that meets the children's learning needs.

Song of Sounds has a song at its heart that teaches children all of the phonemes necessary to read and write English successfully.

There are daily sessions and  longer consolidation sessions to put phonic skills into practice.


A combination of reading schemes are used. Children are also encouraged to transfer their skills to a range of texts. 

Some of the schemes used are: Oxford Reading Tree, BBC Active- Letters and Sounds and Rigby Star. 

We promote a love of reading through the use of our school library system and our Reading Cloud.

We have a great new app for the children to access a wide range of e-books. The app is called Sora and can be used on tablets, phones and computers.

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How to use Sora e-books