As children enter the school and throughout their time here, parents are asked to support our reading and homework programme.

We encourage all parent ro read and share books at home with their children as it is essential to foster a love of reading at a young age.  All pupils take home a Home/School Reading Record to enable parents and teachers to communicate on a regular basis and of course parents are welcome to come to drop in sessions if they have any concerns.

Homework is essential for supporting and consolidating the children's knowledge, skills and understanding in English and Mathematics.  We follow the DFES guidelines issued in 1998.  Children in Classes R, 1 and 2 are expected to spend up to 1o minutes on reading and other activities.  For classes in 3 and 4 the amount of work increases to between 15 to 20 minutes per night and students in years 5 and 6 are expected to spend 30 minutes on homework per night.