Parent Voice Meetings


  Since Parent Voice formed and first met in March 2015, we have been very busy with some of the following actions...

Sent out and analysed our questionnaire (for 2015-2016) on main issues for parents.

Fed back our findings and actions.  

Helped to address misconceptions with drop-in sessions and arrangements for children having packed lunch during the winter months.

Updated areas of the website so it is a good source of information for parents- promoted the website and newsletters as good forms of communication.

Created pages on the website to store all letters that are sent out to parents, for reference if paper copies are mislaid.

Arranged for letters to be listed on the weekly newsletter so that parents are aware if they have missed anything.

Arranged for a search bar to be added to the school's website to ensure information can be found quickly and easily for busy parents.

Ensured that, for any events not on the school calendar well in advance, letters will be sent out with at least two weeks notice wherever possible.

Checked sample school uniforms and prices from different suppliers and have decided to use three various suppliers to suit the needs of all parents' requests on their questionnaires. (Through the school office-smallcoombe, Little Sprogs store in local town centre and online with Tesco.)

Created a display board in the main reception area of the school to keep parents informed and as another point of contact.

Contacted Thurrock regarding parking. Arranged newly painted lines to be in place and additional signs explaining restrictions. Arranged for traffic wardens to visit and check.

Launched a Parent Voice Facebook closed group as a form of popular communication for parents.

Lead coffee mornings and afternoons as drop in sessions for parents.

Organised drop in workshops for parents to help navigate the website and to sign up for newsletters etc.

Attended new entrants meetings to explain and promote the use of parent voice.

Liaised with regard to the new layout of the improved website.

Improved communication systems regarding TLC times and dates.

Improved the arrangement of the parents waiting in the hall during TLC to give more privacy and help to control noise and behaviour of those children waiting for their turn.

Second questionnaire sent out and response shows that concerns raised on their first questionnaire have been addressed.

Shared the impact and good practice of the P.V group with another primary school. Attended meetings with parents, staff and governors to help implement a parent voice within their school.

Answered general questions raised by parents about organised events, progress of the nursery transition etc.

Dates of events added to the FB page.

Parent pay is now in place after many requests from parents for this system.

Completed and analysed a new questionnaire for 2016-17.

Actioned changes to class photos as 91% of parents were in favour of whole class photos instead of the more casual photos currently offered. New format has been chosen and will be in place for this summer’s photos.


Next steps

  • Add feedback summary of recent questionnaire to the newsletter.


  • Update notice board area.


  • Collect further and more specific information from parents regarding workshops requested.

Subject leads can then arrange for these to take place. 


  • Arrange stall for the sale of unclaimed and unnamed uniform. Donations/proceeds to be given to the school.


  • Children’s posters to be used outside to try to improve awareness of safe parking.


  •  Deliver drop in/surgery sessions for parents and discuss items for consideration. Promote emailing ideas if they are unable to attend.


  • Attend new intake meetings and promote parents use of PV group.


  • Engage with Nursery parents. Promote PV and ways they can communicate and make suggestions too.


  • Second questionnaire to analyse if issues have been addressed.