Playground development


In the coming months, there will be significant changes to the school's playground area. Plans are in process to re- develop this area with a new surface and markings. Our aim is to provide more opportunities for active break and lunch times whilst also enhancing the quality of P.E and sporting opportunities. 


Last year, Ms Voss completed a successful bid to Sport England which has raised £28'650.00. The funds will be used for the playground area to be transformed. A donation of £5000 will be kindly added by Friends of Horndon to complete the project.

(Sport England, are in charge of distributing Lottery funding and are supporting the engagement of Sports Governing Bodies and County Sports Partnerships.)


Recently, parents and guardians have been asked to complete a survey about P.E and sporting opportunities which is helping us in the planning and development of this area. The pupils are also participating in this and we are optimistic about the plans so far.


Thank you to those of you that have contributed to this and updates on any developments will be shown here soon.